we’ll make it ‘til the end

Day 4 → alternate universe (zombie au)
by whereisthemockingjay

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Detention - FABREVANS AU (DAY 4)

by ellegronstreet

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moving in

Day 2 → Future
by whereisthemockingjay
(just a quick drabble, sorry!)

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Or Was It - Future Fabrevans

by forthe-quarterback

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Fabrevans Week is a go!


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Just a little note~

Don’t think it’s too late to do an edit/fic/etc for a certain day just because that day is over. Timezones and schedules can be crazy, we get that. Just tag it #fabrevansweek and whichever day it is and we’ll tag it accordingly on the blog, so don’t feel pressured or under the gun to get it done before midnight, just keep the pretty coming!

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Fabrevans Week - Day 1: Reconciliation



4x08 - Thanksgiving

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Day 1 → Reconciliation

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Fabrevans Week is a go!


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when we tag it does it have to be fabrevansweek or can we do fabrevans week? like are y'all tracking both or just the first one?

Sorry for the confusion! #fabrevansweek, preferably. But since there was a mistype in the first post, I will check both, but yeah, we would prefer the former, since Tumblr gets a bit persnickety with tags.

On a side note; while fanart/gifsets/edits should be posted to your personal blogs — fanfictions we’d like submitted, just in case people later decide to delete their blogs or randomly delete all their fictions, there would still be an archive here for people to come back and read a particular fic that might have been lost otherwise.


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